Short and Hold
This shorts-only portfolio focuses on companies whose intrinsic weaknesses offer prospects for long-term underperformance. This is measured through metrics developed by AlphaValue: a very low “Fundamental Strength” score, a non-investment grade profile and a negative share price momentum. The portfolio is fully invested with 15 (min.) to 25 (max.) stocks. It is an extremely high risk portfolio exclusively aimed at specialist shorts investors.


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Cumulative PerfYTD
Short and Hold -16.4%
Stoxx600 NR -23.4%
Outperf 7.0%
Key Figures
Number of stocks0
Inception date2019-08-02
Top Performers (out of 0) Cumul. Perf
Selection Performance vs STOXX600
Sectors Weight%
Countries Weight%
Exposures Weight%
US Dollar0.0%
Oil Price0.0%
Power Price0.0%
Global Warming0.0%
British Pound0.0%