We build and run
thematic stock selections for institutional investors

It is no secret, consistency is a powerful engine of outperformance.


Selections YTD YTD vs Stoxx600 NR
ACTIVE 0.6 % 7.3 %
BUY & HOLD -9.5 % -2.8 %
SHORT & HOLD 23.5 % 16.8 %


We have tools and expertise

Actively tracked

Stock selections are updated as per mandate, from weekly to quarterly.

Proprietary knowledge

Only stocks covered by AlphaValue analysts are included.

Any investment profile

Proprietary financial and non-financial data recouped at will.

Full ownership

11 years of historical proprietary data makes us fully accountable.


Our ready-to-use Selections




This 25 stock list is with a dynamic, near term outperformance in mind. It is equally weighted, without sector or geographical preferences, and combines AlphaValue own fundamentals & momentum metrics. Analysts are fully involved in this process.



This 25 stock list focuses on the intrinsic qualities of issuers for long-term outperformance. Stocks are equally weighted and rarely change. Quality is measured through AlphaValue’s proprietary fundamental metrics. Analysts are fully involved in this process. Market timing to add/cut a stock is discretionary.



The “governance-driven” portfolio designed by AlphaValue relies on the AlphaValue governance metrics which are both proprietary and strictly independent. AlphaValue holds the view that ultimately only Governance matters in ESG driven stock selection. The portfolio is limited to 25 equally weighted issuers, all daily researched by AlphaValue analysts on both financial and non-financial items.



This shorts-only portfolio focuses on companies whose intrinsic weaknesses offer prospects for long-term underperformance. This is measured through metrics developed by AlphaValue: a very low “Fundamental Strength” score, a non-investment grade profile and a negative share price momentum. The portfolio is fully invested with 15 (min.) to 25 (max.) stocks. It is an extremely high risk portfolio exclusively aimed at specialist shorts investors.



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